Act of Consecration
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!   I consecrate myself and
my home to You.   Even before I was born You loved me
with a tender and everlasting love.   Because of this I want
to belong only to You, to honor and glorify You, and to do
everything for love of You.   Freely I make this covenant of
love, and promise to amend my life by turning away from
sin and all that might lead me away from You.   Aided by
Your overflowing grace, I wish to live and to die under the
gentle yoke of Your Gospel.   May my every word and
action give praise and glory to Your name, aid the
salvation of my brothers and sisters around the world, and
help me attain my own sanctification.   Be my protection in
life, my promise of eternal salvation and my strength in
weakness and wandering.   In You I place all my hope and
trust.   Amen.

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