Jesus Set Me Free
Lord Jesus, I come to You as a sinner in need of Your
forgiveness and mercy.   Lord, please forgive me all my
sins and grant me the graces to turn completely away from
them.   Lord, You have come to set the captives free.
What ever it is that has held me captive and unable to
surrender fully to You (name it here, if you know it),
I ask You now to set me free of it. 

I thank You, Jesus, for setting me free to follow You
wholeheartedly and to truly be able to make You the Lord
and Savior of my life from this day forward.   Come into my
heart, Lord Jesus, and rule over it completely.   I consecrate
myself totally to You. 

Baptize me now with Your Holy Spirit, my Advocate and
Teacher, to purify and to empower me, and bring me into a
deeper relationship with You and Our Father. 

Thank You, Jesus!  Amen!

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