Prayer of Authority
In the Name of Jesus Christ, By the Power of His Blood... In the Authority of His
Word given to me as a Christian... I bind and reject you satan and I command you to
leave and I seal this room and place of employment, and all the members of my family,
friends, relatives and possessions, in the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I bind and reject all familiar sprits, all companion spirits, all cardinal spirits and spirits
of affliction. 

I bind and reject all spirits in the air, in the wind, in fire, in the netherworld, in the
elements, all satanic forces of nature. 

I bind and reject all spirits of confusion, disruption, division, fear, disbelief, deaf and
dumb, disobedience, and spirit of games. 

I bind and reject all the aspects and attributes of these spirits. 

I bind and reject all interlocking spirits...I command that there will be no
communication between you or anyone else.  I command that you leave quietly. 

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I break and dissolve every curse, spell, hexes,
evil wishes, evil desires and hereditary seals.  I come against all satanic vows, pacts,
satanic sacrifices and Voo Doo practices. 

I break and dissolve all links with psychics, clairvayants, astrologers, mediums, occult
seers, satanic cults, fortune tellers, seances, ouija boards, tarot cards and occult
games of all kinds. 

Come Holy Spirit and fill this room corner to corner ceiling to floor. 

St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, and all the Holy Archangels, come and fight this
battle for me. 

I ask the help of all the Holy Angels, Holy Dominations, Holy Powers, Holy Thrones,
and Holy Principalities to be my "Shield of Defense" against all evil spirits. 

I ask this in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ by the power of His blood. and in the
authority of His Word given to me as a Christian. Amen. 

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